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    Creating famous brand products and creating excellent projects

    Partners of brand strategic cooperation

    Product advantages:

    1. Good refrigeration effect and stable performance

    2. Production base of environmental protection oil cooler and environmental protection water cooler

    3. Passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification and European CE certification

    4. The main accessories are made of international first-line famous brands

    5. Before each product leaves the factory, it shall be strictly inspected as qualified

    6. According to the different needs of customers, customize and jointly determine the suitable cooling scheme

    Technical advantages:

    1. Never sell a product for 19 consecutive years without a good technical solution

    2. Provide long-term supporting and technical support for tens of thousands of well-known enterprises at home and abroad for 19 consecutive years

    3. Continuously innovate for 19 years, continuously upgrade products and services with innovative technology and equipment

    4. For 19 consecutive years, "6S" field management standardized production is adopted

    Service advantages:

    All round attentive service before, during and after sales

    Pre sales: provide cooling solutions to help you choose the products that really suit you

    In sale: standardized production line with short production cycle and high quality

    After sales: with a high-tech after-sales team to provide VIP butler service

    Advantages of solving industrial cooling problems

    20 years of manufacturing experience:

    1. Solve the problem of product temperature refrigeration

    2. Temperature determines equipment quality, improves processing accuracy, protects equipment and prolongs service life. (reduce oil temperature, stabilize temperature, prevent deformation, force cooling, improve precision)

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